It’s quite common for ‘waterproofing companies’ to install a system and NOT offer a servicing agreement, which should ideally be carried out twice a year. Checking your system on a regular basis like this should be a necessity, especially after you’ve probably paid out a lot of money to get the system installed in the first place.

Irrespective of what type of system you have had installed, we would:

  • Arrange a day that is suitable for us to visit
  • Carry out a report of the type of system installed (we would require details of when and by whom the system was fitted)
  • Pump and sump chamber cleaning
  • In the case of a pump failure, we will put forward a replacement cost if this is outwith the original installers warranty period
  • Carry out an ‘insitu’ test to ensure that the pump and connections are working effectively
  • Test alarm system(s) if fitted
  • Produce a service report that you, the client, can file along with your mortgage/housing agreement (necessary for insurance purposes)

Typically, a good quality ‘ground water’ pump should last around 10-15 years with regular usage, but will all depend on the quality of the ground water and the type of sump chamber it is fitted into. One pump situation may run a few times every hour, where another may run a few times a year, so a pump’s lifespan may be longer than another’s.

If you want to arrange a pump servicing or discuss the installation of a waterproofing system, get in touch with McKnight Building Preservation on the following.

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