Saying Bye Bye to Dirty Gutters in Aberdeen & Shire

We have added a ‘new service’ to our portfolio that will help in eliminating the chance of water/dampness penetrating your property from the area around your gutter system.

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Domestic Gutter Cleaning

Domestic Gutter Cleaning

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Industrial gutter cleaning

Industrial Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are prone to the build up of moss/grass/debris when not cleaned on a regular basis…but, with our stand-alone gutter cleaning system (SkyVac), we can eradicate this problem without the need for ladders, scaffolding and ‘cherry pickers’.

Our cleaning system can tackle the toughest of gutter problems from the safety of the ground level, using a vacuum system with the suction power of 150 inch water lift.

In addition to this, we can ‘visually record‘ the cleaning process from our wireless camera system.

SkyVac with camera and monitor attached

SkyVac with camera and monitor attached

What does this mean to you the client…

  • No additional costs due to scaffold/cherry picker hire, and ladder erection.
  • Visual proof that your gutter has been cleaned (traditionally, you’ve got to take the contractor’s word for it).
  • Because the system is so simple and effective, the time spent on the job by ourselves is reduced dramatically, hence, the very affordable cost to you, the client.
  • If you get your gutters cleaned once a year, this will greatly reduce the chance of problems occurring to your property.

McKnight Building Preservation deals with a lot of ‘internal’ wet and dry rot problems caused by the simplest of issues, and the majority of these pertaining to external problems like ‘dirty gutters’. It’s a simple solution, that if tackled regularly, can reduce the chance of thousands of pounds worth of damage internally.

Call us now on 07516008792 (we’re based in Aberdeen, Scotland)

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