This ongoing project being carried out by a local developer in Kemnay, Aberdeenshire required some wet rot repairs and woodworm treatment. Wet rot decay had been affecting the original, unprotected joist ends of both the ceiling and floor joists of the front elevation. The stonework between the joists ends on the upper floor were removed to allow us to install the new treated sections of timber alongside the original joists. These were wrapped in a protective damp proof course and bolted together with a series of bolt, washers, connector and nut. A number of ceiling joists on the rear elevation at both gable ends were also repaired.
The floor joists on the ground floor of the front elevation were also repaired, and we managed to retain the original floorboards which were in excellent condition, which was a request by the client. No work was carried out to the rear elevation as a new extension was to be built by the developer.
Woodworm treatment was then carried out to the exposed timbers throughout the property.