As well as providing our own company guarantee, we are happy to offer an ‘Insurance Backed Guarantee’ (IBG) on the majority of the work we carry out. All ‘guaranteed’ work is processed by the regulated UK insurer ‘Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd‘.

In the paragraph below you will find a brief explanation as to why a company’s own ’30 Year Guarantee’¬†might not be worth the paper it’s written on (putting it bluntly I know), an important consideration to make when employing the services of a preservation company (or any other contractor for that matter).

Quote from the GPI Ltd website:

“The purpose of an IBG is to provide insurance backing to a written workmanship and/or material guarantee, given by a building contractor to a domestic or commercial customer (the owner of the insured works). Such written guarantees may be given in good faith, by well-meaning contractors; however, even the most prudent and financially solvent contractors are unable to guarantee their solvency -in these volatile times- to the extent that they will be able to rectify defects for the lifetime of those guarantees. As such, responsible contractors, trade associations and competent person schemes across the UK insist that customers are provided with an IBG in order to ensure that recourse to the guarantee is possible, even in the event that the original contractor has ceased to trade.”

McKnight Building Preservation is recognised by GPI Ltd to be a competent firm, offering an honest service, and providing peace of mind to their clients.

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