There have been many, many documents, articles, studies, papers written about wet and dry rot that the ordinary lay person can often be bombarded by ‘science’, and left confused as to how to best approach the situation. It is always best to get a local expert to analyse your situation, or even better, get 2 or 3 separate quotes, as some firms have a different approach to treatment than others.

wet rot on joist ends

Wet rot affecting the joist ends and supporting wallplate in a vestibule that had a solid floor overlay

Situation Example

The vestibule of a domestic property was subject to floor ‘sagging’ at the front door entrance due to wet rot in the joist ends. The floor was a cement base with a small decorative tile overlay, with the adjacent rooms being of timber flooring.

Some examples of wet rot repairs can be seen here


The tiles and cement had to be removed to gain access to the joists, which were then removed. The affected area was treated with a water based sterilisation solution to combat any potential fungal development. New joists and flooring were installed, along with a very tasteful hardwood laminate that complimented the rest of the decor throughout the property.

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