Wet Rot Powis Place

Small wet rot work affecting the original timber lintel at the rear entrance of a tenement in Powis Place, Aberdeen.

Quite a tricky one as the brick work above the existing timber lintel was loose and had to be carefully removed stone by stone. Penetrating damp had been an issue for quite some time and resulted in the total decay of the timber lintel.

The lintel was replaced with pre-stressed concrete options (small type A’s at 1200mm long) then bricked back up and made secure.

The area was reframed and foil backed plasterboard fitted ready for a skim coat of plaster.

Original timber lintel in place
The affected area prior to treatment work
stones being supported
Large stones being removed from above
lintel debris
Not much left of the timber lintel as it was coming out
concrete lintels
Pre-stressed concrete lintels in place

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