This 120-year-old property in the small north east village on the outskirts of Inverurie, Aberdeenshire had succumbed to some wet rot issues in one of the main ground floor rooms at both the front and rear elevations. The timbers of which we believe to be original at the time of it’s construction, as in most buildings of it’s time, did not have any protection to moisture penetration, and over time, decay had set into the bearing timbers (joist ends and wallplate). Two small alcoves either side of the original fireplace were investigated and found to be subject to similar damp issues. A small area within the kitchen cupboard on the rear elevation was also treated.

The removal of all the decayed timbers were carried out and replaced with new, treated timbers. These were wrapped with a protective damp proof course, and new tongue and grooved flooring fitted. A timber preservation gel was also applied to any of the original timbers that were cut.