Wet rot treatment at a detached property in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

Problem – Over the years the driveway, front + rear areas of the property have been built up, thus bridging the floor and joists within. Moisture has slowly penetrated the property and affected the joists, flooring, skirting, plaster, lath and framing.

Solution – Remove the wall linings (plaster, lath and framing), affected skirting, flooring and joists, and replace with new treated material. As an added measure of protection (low cost prevention), a damp proof membrane was fitted to the walls prior to the replacement work being carried out.

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Wet rot affected joist

Wet rot affected joist section

Wet rot affected joist

Wet rot affected joist

wet rot on joist and flooring

Joist and flooring with wet rot

Damp proof membrane

Damp preventative membrane