A dry rot outbreak affecting the wall linings, original timber lintel, floor joists and flooring was found at this private grass bowls club at Carlton Place in the West End of Aberdeen.

The Cause of dry rot

Faulty guttering and defective pointing, which have been repaired prior to us starting work.

The Treatment of dry rot

  • Removal of all affected plaster, flooring, joists, wallplate and lintels.
  • Treatment of the area with a fungicidal fluid
  • Installation of new prestressed lintels
  • Fitting of a ‘slimline mesh’ waterproofing membrane, which allows for plaster to be directly coated onto
  • Fitting of new wallplate wrapped in a dpc, joist sections (also wrapped in a dpc ‘sock’) and tongue and groove flooring
  • The entrance door was also affected, so all posts, facings, stops etc. were replaced, and the door re-hung