Dry Rot Short Loanings

This ground floor property is part of a tenement block in the Rosemount area of Aberdeen found to be suffering from wet rot in the main section of the room, and dry rot around the floor and sub floor areas.

The cause of this outbreak was due to the lead box gutters having perished over time, and which have now been repaired.

The traditional plaster, lath and framing was stripped back, then the flooring and joists cut back and disposed off. The solum area was cleaned out and the whole area was treated with a biocide solution.

New joists were then bolted, then the fitting of new tongue and grooved floorboards. A membrane was fitted to the walls prior to it being reframed and sheeted with plasterboard then finished off with a skim coat of plaster.

penetrating damp on wall
How the area looked prior to treatment
joists with dry rot
Floor joists with build up of debris and showing dry rot on ends
solum dry rot
Sub floor area showing signs of dry rot mycelium on the masonry and timbers
stripped out
Area nearly stripped out
plasterboard fitted
Area fitted with a damp proof membrane, then reframed and sheeted
room finished with plaster
Remedial treatment completed with a skim coat of plaster

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